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Proprietary non-distilled process


Our process yields a non-aroma oil ideal for topical use.

An effective means to maintain and enhance skin beauty and comfort.

Without any chemical load or drug interaction.

A quick and effective at hand care for injuries to the flesh and skin.

A safe natural antimicrobial action. Laboratory tested.

For you and for all others in your care.

Cellular regeneration building blocks by Nature.

Near Magic Oil is made from Frankincense by an ancient proprietary extraction process.

Different from the distillation process used to make Aromatherapy Essential Oils.

Near Magic Oil should not be substituted for Aromatherapy applications.

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Nearmagic Oil

Cellular regeneration building blocks 

Nearmagic Oil

many uses 

Nearmagic Oil

soothing & comforting

Nearmagic Oil

Good for you always everywhere.

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